Mounting guide

Cobra seats are either base mounted or side mounted. Base mounted seats are typically recliners or fixed back seats. These seats have four holes in their base. On a Cobra Seat these holes are spaced at 290mm side-to-side and 330mm from front-to-back.

A base mounted seat can be fitted to a car in one of two ways, either to a tailored subframe, or directly through the floor. Sub frames are designed for a specific vehicle. They use the vehicle’s original bolt points without the need for any additional modifications. You can simply fit the sub frame to your car, and fix the base mounted seat directly to the sub frame. Runners can be attached to any of our seats. and then attached to our subframes or directly to the floor of the vehicle.

We offer a range of subframes for popular vehicles. You can view the range here.

We offer seat runners that fit to the standard seat bolt pattern. The runners are 24.5mm high so this has to be calculated into seat height if applicable.

Side mounted seats are fitted to your car using side mounts that fix to holes in the side of the seat. Side mounts are bolted to the holes in the side of the seats, they are then bolted to the floor underneath the seat. We offer a range of different side mounts. Our Steel Side Mounts are available in standard and low profile. Our low profile side mounts do not work with our evolution or our Sebring. (They work with our LP Sebring) We also offer alloy side mounts and side mounts to fit our Nogaro in low profile and standard sizing.

Please note that if the car is for competition use it cannot be fitted to runners; the side mounts must be fitted directly to the floor, and only our steel and alloy side mounts are FIA certified.